Innovative technological solutions for the energy transition


We design, set up and test innovative solutions for the production, storage and transformation of zero-emission energy


Our skills integrate theoretical and scientific aspects with laboratory industrial ones

A unique combination that allows us to develop the best solutions, using the most suitable components for each individual project


BluEnergy Revolution operates as EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction), providing integrated systems for stationary and mobile applications


We provide the laboratory experience we have gained in years of R&D to carry out testing and optimization of fuel cell plants and systems, electrolyzers and hydrogen storage


In synergy with our company H2Boat srl we guarantee a marinization service for innovative plants based on hydrogen


BluEnergy Revolution provides assistance services to companies for the identification of the best technical choices from an energy, economic and environmental point of view

Hrl analysis

Through the use of HRL (Hydrogen Readiness Level) we provide a complete and easy-to-read analysis for those companies that want to start their activities in the hydrogen sector or that intend to adapt to the upcoming innovations

Feasibility studies

With BluEnergy Revolution we offer a plant analysis service from a technical, economic, environmental and regulatory point of view that can be combined with the design service

Our services include:

  • Plant optimization analysis
  • Comparative analysis
  • Techno/economic analysis


We are a highly qualified team and provide specific training courses in the field of innovative technologies and their integration by supporting the theoretical aspects with practical sessions through face-to-face or virtual meetings of the laboratory


In a very innovative sector, the costs of new technologies are often not negligible and represent a brake on innovation

We apply our multidisciplinary approach to a wide range of projects: from small verification and competency assessment projects, to multinational research programs with different partners

BER in collaboration with UNIGE, contributed to the development of the Fincantieri HI-SEA Joint Laboratory
BER has carried out tests on FC systems for naval applications for Fincantieri in the TecBIA Project
BER leads the European project FC-PROMATE where it will develop test protocols for marine FC in collaboration with the JRC
BER participates in the project of the Liguria Region BIIM, which will see the introduction of the first Energy Pack


BluEnergy Revolution develops and markets directly or through its subsidiaries, energy production and storage systems that use hydrogen technologies

Energy Pack

The energy pack is the most complete solution available. It consists of a plant containing a Fuel Cell for the production of power, an electrolyzer for the production of hydrogen and a hydrogen storage system with metal hydride

Fuel Cell

BluEnergy Revolution develops PEM fuel cell systems for Energy Pack products, which can be sold separately in the range of 5 to 60 kW. In addition, BluEnergy Revolution offers a system integration service for higher power sizes, collaborating with leading fuel cell suppliers


BluEnergy Revolution develops PEM-type electrolysis hydrogen production systems for Energy Pack products, which can be sold separately in the range from 1000 Nl/h to 10000 Nl/h. In addition, BluEnergy Revolution offers an integration service for higher size systems

H2 Storage

BluEnergy Revolution develops hydrogen storage systems. In collaboration with Tecnodelta and UNITO has developed a proprietary metal hydride storage solution, compacted, safe and reliable