Innovative technological solutions for the energy transition


Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe but it is never found only in nature

Combined with carbon in fossil fuels (CnHm) it has been the basis of economic development as a source of non-renewable energy

Combined with oxygen in water (H2O) will be the key to the next energy revolution

Green hydrogen is the solution for a sustainable and resilient society

Hydrogen is the energy carrier of the future, the key to complementing renewable energy production sources, discontinuous by nature

Hydrogen is a flexible carrier: it will support electricity grids alongside chemical and electrical accumulations, it will be the fuel at the base of transport, it will be used in industries, in houses

From Renewables to Electricity They Pass from Water

A circular energy vector for a circular economy

Fuel Cell

It produces electricity from high-efficiency

Reliable, he brought man to the moon!

Inherently safe, it has no combustion


It produces pure hydrogen from water and electricity

It exploits the energy produced by renewables

Independent of fossil energy sources

Metal Hydrides

Solid-state hydrogen storage

Low pressures and ambient temperatures

Safe and compact